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TAG architects is a Greek architectural practice, based in the center of Athens. It was built around the interaction and collaboration of two people: Anna Gountra and Evdokia Tsouroula, who met as undergraduates at the Architecture School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After their graduation, in 2005, each pursued an independent career in the field, occupying junior positions in Athenian architectural firms. Their paths converged again in 2008, when they both pursued graduate studies at the National Technical University of Athens (MSc in Urban & Regional Planning); upon successful completion of the program, they started working together, gradually developing their distinctive design approach and independent client portfolio. Their collaboration was formalized in 2011 with the birth of TAG Architects.

Three principles lie at the heart of TAG architect’s approach to architectural design:

First, respect for and sensitivity toward the space itself, in all its manifestations, as a source of inspiration, orientation, materials, air, light and shade.
Attention to the genius loci helps utilize each location’s unique attributes whilst minimizing the design’s environmental footprint.

Second, emphasis on the clients’ wants, needs, expectations.
Buildings are ultimately meant to be experienced, lived in and brought to life by people. Listening to clients’ wants, helping them identify present – and anticipate future – needs thus form key aspects of the design process.

Third, attention to construction.
Any design is only as good as the quality of its implementation: the choice and use of materials
and finishes, attention to detail, solid craftsmanship, smart solutions and technology all contribute to a streamlined result, delivered on time and on budget.

In line with their foundational principles, TAG architects are usually involved throughout their projects’ life-cycle: from initial conception to final construction. They have successfully delivered commercial and residential projects of various scales and uses, ranging from shops, bars, cafes and office spaces to city apartments and island vacation retreats.

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